Create and deliver value with product leadership

Make sure your products deliver superior value to your customers, today and tomorrow

Expect to

Take out the guess work and increase the success rate of innovations

Articulate customers’ needs into a product customers want to buy

Know when and how to segment your offer and propose adapted features packaging

Create lasting customer value in a changing environment

Move away from a static portfolio of products to a product line-up that attracts, retains and upsells customers

Implement product usage monitoring strategies with your customers to drive renewed future value

STOP guessing the value you deliver to your customers and considering innovation as a gamble.

START now building products that deliver outstanding value to your customers, today and in the future.

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Measure and capture value with winning pricing models and price strategies

Make sure your pricing maximises your investment and is fully accepted by your customers

Expect to

Capture your fair share of the value you deliver to your customers

Find out the maximal price your customers are willing to pay and translate it into a pricing they understand and accept

Determine the sweet spot for your pricing vs your customers’ willingness to pay vs your competitors vs your costs

Offer a pricing model that is aligned to the value delivered

Implement the pricing that effectively supports your business strategy and your positioning

STOP doing pricing the night before launch and leaving money on the table. Stop gambling with the monetisation of your products.

START now measuring the exact value you deliver to your customers and capturing your fair share of it.

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Launch and communicate your differentiated value with Positioning and Go-to-Market

Make sure you communicate your unique value proposition, reach the right customers and get internal operations aligned to deliver an outstanding customer experience

Expect to

Position your product in a unique way so it shines compared to your competitors

Attract the right customers and stop wasting resources in the sales process

Know what to communicate on with the different customer segments and avoid irrelevant information that confuses prospects

Get all internal departments ready for an impactful launch and prepared / empowered to deliver an excellent customer experience

Develop a go-to-market plan that ensures high success rates for your innovations

Create plans that align all your departments so they know what to do and when to do it

STOP attracting the wrong customers and exposing an undifferentiated bland offer.

STOP exposing your customers to a bad experience because your internal departments are not aligned.

START now positioning your offer in a unique way for it to shine vs your competitor and attract the right customer profiles.

START now creating a successful go-to-market plan that federates your internal resources.

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Why Work With Elithan

Fully implementable

We don't believe in nice PowerPoint slides that are created 'up there' by some consultant and the management of the client company and then imposed on the company.
Instead, we create strategies based on your objectives and validate them with your people. Strategies that do solve problems. Strategies that ensure buy-in of your people. Strategies that are fully implementable.

With your teams

Our objective is not to lock you in in multiple rounds of consultancy. We work with your teams and share full information with them so that they can carry on with the work when our mission is over.

Tailored to your Needs


Not sure about how to get started? Have just a few questions?

Use Elithan to challenge your ideas and get an expert answer to your questions

Ask 3 questions for €135

Ask 6 questions for €225

Ask 9 questions for €315


For projects that are somewhat defined in scope and require implementation

Use Elithan to solve issues for which you lack competencies or resources

Results are typically delivered within several days to several weeks

Ask for a fixed price quote


For projects that require deep analysis, thorough revision and coordination with your teams

Use Elithan to drive improvement, accelerate your teams’ results and implementation

Results are typically delivered within several weeks to several months

Ask for a tailor-made quote

Happy Customers

About Elithan

Elithan is a consultancy and interim management office obsessed with customer success enabled by technology.
We work with B2B and B2B2C companies, helping them nail down customer value. 

What is customer value? Everything that helps your users achieve success. Anything you can do that helps your customer be more successful creates value. Anything that gets in the way of your users’ success and can be removed creates value.


We help you create or improve products that deliver lasting customer value

We help you implement a pricing that maximises your investment but which is also fully accepted by your customers

We help you communicate what is unique about your product and bring it to market to deliver a superior customer experience

“I started Elithan to focus on what I’m passionate about: value.

This originates in a deep sense of empathy combined with the willingness to help users achieve better results. As a user, I’ve often been frustrated by using sub-optimal products or services, and I’m certain / sure many of you have, too. But when we walk through our office door, we seem to forget about that and go about our work as usual. 

Focusing on value and success is the way not to forget about these experiences — and to deliver what customers expect.

When we work together, I’ll make sure to remind you of this.”


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