Was it wise to leave the security of an employee job to start Elithan Consultancy?

I left my stable job to combine two things: my desire to take ownership of my destiny and my drive
to help people achieve better results.

Stop being driven by life, take control of it.

When you work independently, you are sharper, more focused. Each day is unique and will only be
lived once. You always have the impression of being on the edge, and feel more in control. Your life
does not happen to you — you drive it. And that brings boundless energy!

Over the years, I’ve learned that one of my main competencies is a deep sense of empathy. I needed
to convert this quality into concrete actions, which translated into my willingness to help clients
reach greater results.

Focus on the customer, they say but customers can’t tell you what they need

Everybody says that you need to focus on the customer, and that the customer always comes first.
Yes, that is true, but it is also incomplete. Incomplete because most of the time, customers can’t
express what they need because they simply don’t know. This actually means you need to focus on
what people can’t tell you. You’ll certainly agree that it’s rather difficult to move forward from
here… Henry Ford famously did not ask people what they wanted.

But customers know what success is

However, customers can tell you what they consider to be success in their work, as well as what’s
preventing them from being more successful. Help your customers be more successful with your
technology and they’ll want to keep working with you.

I use customer success to define value, measure and capture value (pricing), launch and
communicate value (positioning and go-to-market).

I love what I’m doing now but …

So, was it wise for me to leave the security of an employee job to start Elithan Consultancy?

I love what I’m doing now and the way it’s going so far, but it is still too early to tell if it was the right thing
to do. You can support me and help me build this new venture into a lasting success.
Do you know anyone who thinks like I do? Someone who would be happy discussing these topics?
I’d be grateful if you could introduce them to me. Then, let’s talk about this ‘wise’ decision again in a few years, shall we?

Elithan Consultancy is a consultancy and interim management company that helps B2B technology
companies create, capture, position and launch customer value. Elithan Consultancy helps you make
informed and better decisions that lead to lower business risk and more positive outcomes.